More than sixty years have passed since the first Skeeter was first built. This was the world's first bass boat, and since then, Skeeter has set the standard, continually raising the bar.

In 1948, Holmes Thurmond designed and launched the first Skeeter boat. It was definitely not the last "first" for Skeeter. In 1961, Skeeter began building bass boats from fiberglass, a huge leap forward in performance and durability. Then in 1975, Skeeter introduced the "Wrangler," the first V-bottom bass boat ever built. As time passed, Skeeter introduced other innovations: the first full-length rod box, the first bass boat rated for a 150 HP and the first to introduce "space age" composite materials with the X-Treme and X-Cel composite construction. Since then, cutting-edge technology and attention to detail have been the key ingredients of long-term owner satisfaction.

Skeeter's philosophy, "engineered like no other," permeates everything they do.  Skeeter's pursuit of perfection has become clearly evident as the best engineered bass boats on the water today.

Legendary Marine is proud to sell and service SKEETER boats at our Florida and Alabama locations!

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