Destinations Cruising Club

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Destinations Cruising Club
Legendary Marine is all about relationships. We love our boaters and we love for our boaters to enjoy and regularly use their boats! Best of all, we love for our boaters to make new friends and share their passion for the boating lifestyle!

To that end, Legendary Marine established the Destinations Cruising Club several years ago as a means to provide great boating experiences for our customers and to facilitate fun networking opportunities among our owners and friends. Throughout the year, Legendary Marine's staff will plan a variety of cruising trips to a variety of destinations.  The locations include a full palette of experiences, ranging from weekly raft-ups and cookouts at Norriega Point to watch a spectacular fireworks display, to day trips to watch the Blue Angels or enjoy watersports and picnics, to extended weekend getaways, such as scalloping at Port St. Joe, or catching an outdoor concert at the Wharf in Gulf Shores. We mix up the destinations, ensuring plenty of fun for boats of all shapes and sizes.

The Destinations Cruising Club is a free organization with no membership fees. With feedback from its owners, Legendary Marine plans and organizes the events, schedules a complete annual calendar and leads the pack with a licensed captain at the helm. Individual boaters are responsible for their own fuel and associated outside fees such as dockage or meals.

NOTE: Most all of the Destinations Cruising Club events are scheduled between May - October each year. 

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