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If you are looking to purchase a yacht, our team of licensed and bonded brokers in our Florida and Alabama locations are ready to be of service in helping you locate your dream yacht! Please view our current inventory of brokerage boats for sale and if you don't find exactly what you are seeking, we can assist you in locating a yacht outside of our own locations. We have access to co-brokerage yachts throughout North America and the ability to efficiently search based on your specifications.


If you are seeking a high quality yacht brokerage organization to list and market your yacht, you have come to the right place!

Please understand, we fully recognize that there are multiple sources available to market and sell your yacht. However, when you broker your yacht with Legendary Marine, we believe you should expect a different level of service, with a higher degree of professionalism and personal commitment than that which may be offered elsewhere. At Legendary Marine, you won't get lost in the shuffle of a large brokerage organization, or ignored while brokers pursue and focus on larger yachts with higher commissions. Each yacht in our brokerage fleet is highly valued and equally promoted.

Legendary Marine's Yacht Brokerage Division offers five dealership offices on the Gulf Coast in Florida and Alabama, each offering excellent foot traffic and high visibility traffic. Each dealership location is fully staffed with well trained, professional sales teams including licensed and bonded brokers. Each location also utilizes a sophisticated internal inventory tracking system, making it easy to promote our brokered yachts throughout the entire sales organization.  A listing agreement out-clause is a unique feature at Legendary Marine, allowing customers to cancel within 30 days if you are not totally satisfied with the quality and level of service provided.  

A professional service team and including a fleet of mobile vans is also available to assist brokerage customers on preparing their yacht for sale, or in addressing enhancements or service support for new brokered purchases.  First class indoor yacht storage is also available at two of our locations, with 1000+ slip capacity, accommodating yachts up to 50' in length. Some transient wet slips are also available.

In addition, business managers are also on staff at each location to assist with financing insurance and extended warranty options, making transactions a breeze.

To maximize your sales opportunity, Legendary Marine offers an award-winning, world class marketing department in-house, with a strong emphasis on marketing and advertising our brokerage product on a global basis. Upon your listing, quality photography is shot of your boat, selling-oriented content is produced and the yacht is then posted and advertised on the Legendary Marine website as well as to multiple top marine websites including yachttrader.com, among many others.  

We would love to discuss your yacht brokerage needs and determine how we can help facilitate your needs.

For More Information Contact A Sales Broker at your local Legendary Marine dealership in Florida or Alabama today!

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